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Creative Writing Programs: Balancing Reading and Writing for Maximum Growth

Creative writing programs provide aspiring writers with unique opportunities to hone their craft and develop their creative voices. These programs often consist of a blend of literature courses and writing workshops, each playing a pivotal role in shaping the writer’s journey. Literature courses guide writers through various traditions, genres, and points of view. These courses … Read more

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The Transformative Power and Vast Horizons of a Creative Writing Degree

A creative writing degree can equip you with various skills and open doors to countless opportunities. Whether you dream of becoming a novelist, a screenwriter, a journalist, or a marketing professional, a creative writing degree can enable you to thrive in different industries.  This article will explore a creative writing degree’s practical and intellectual merits, … Read more

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How to Ask for a Raise in Writing

I’ve had a fake Christmas tree for years. It’s pink. It sparkles. My neighbor said it reminds him of Dolly Parton (the ultimate compliment). My style has changed a bit since she last stood tall in my home, so last year I decided to keep Jolly Parton in the garage in favor of a living … Read more

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A Portrait of the Artist Under Copyright

Dr. Walter Park graduated from the University of Toronto, Trinity College with a B.A. in Economics & Statistics in 1983, before going on to earn his M.Phil. in Economics at Oxford University, completing a master’s thesis on Time-Consistency of Government Debt Polices. Dr. Park earned his Ph.D. in Economics at Yale University in 1991, defending … Read more