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A companion for creative writing students.

To get in contact with us for updates or anything else, please email here: [email protected].

Writers love to write about writing. So, it's our genuine pleasure to help introduce new and aspiring authors to the craft of creative writing and offer the guidance they need to get started down the path of self-expression–and a fulfilling career in writing.

And so we embarked on a bit of a trip of our own, setting out to create something that could serve as a useful companion to writing students at all stages of their own journeys of growth and discovery. We wanted to put together something that would be as much a resource for the Gen-Z poet who's finally gathered the courage to invite criticism as it is for the grad student looking to polish their thesis.

That something we set out to create found a name somewhere along the way: CreativeWritingEDU.org.

Creative writing is the beating heart of all forms of written English communication.

When the journey brings a writer to the decision to earn a degree, we're here for that stage too. We give a full range of guidance, including choices for getting a useful creative writing education.

Our Contributors

Meet the creative writers who contributed to this site… each with their own unique and inspiring success story. You’ll find that education is a thread running through all of them.

Haley Boyce

Haley is a graduate of Harvard University with a master’s in creative writing and a bachelor’s in English Literature from San Francisco State University. When she is not writing… Read more!

haley boyce

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer is a freelance writer with more than a decade of experience covering topics like higher education, healthcare, and writing. She has a bachelor’s degree in… Read more!

jennifer williams

Alex Dorian

An avid writer, Alex has been working in the industry for over five years. Specializing in content marketing, he enjoys writing about technical subjects such as plumbing, gasfitting, informationRead more!

alex dorian

Catherine Dorian

Catherine is a lifelong writer and seven-year educator. Catherine loves to teach for the same reason she loves to write; both require that we constantly dispute our ideas, question possibilities… Read more!

catherine dorian

Rebecca Turley

Rebecca is a full-time writer and editor with a BA in Journalism and Communications. Rebecca has built her freelancing career on editing for a national book publisher… Read more!

Rebecca Turley

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson is a creative writer today only courtesy of the skilled ministrations of the Department of English at the University of Washington, which awarded him a… Read more!

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